woman-1148923_1280Wonders of Effective Self-Talk

Self-improvement works only as long as you invest time and energy in yourself. The road to any improvement or change is not an easy one and lies in your strength to become a doer and a changer. The same applies to this case. One important aspect of this change is, of course, motivation.

The key to any success is being organized and disciplined. Therefore, in order to improve yourself, you need to find the time for changing your personality and then to repeat the action each and every day so that it simply becomes a part of you, almost like a habit.

This is where your subconscious mind needs to step in. Actually, it has the biggest role in the process of self-improvement. It is believed that all our drives come from the subconscious mind. In other words, we need to get in touch with your inner self. So, what should you do? The answer is simple. You should train and use your subconscious mind for success to get what you want. It appears that our subconscious tells us what to do in reality. Creating mental images of what you want to achieve is a good way to achieve it but there is an even better method, though. It is called self-talk and you all know what it is. However, the question is how we can improve it.

We want it to be a natural part of us and we want it to be efficient. So, how to improve self-talk? This takes us back to the part which was mentioned earlier – time, discipline and good organization.

1) Find the time for intense self-talk routine in the morning and repeat it every day.

2) Get rid of the negative voice which gives bad reviews of yourself and your doings.

3) Find your best self-talk – only think and talk about yourself in superlatives.

4) At first, choose ten sentences which will constitute your self-talk and memorize them.

As an example, consider this – I am on my way to becoming my best self and everything that I will do today will be a success. I can do everything with a facility. I am happy, healthy and cheerful. I light up every room I enter and so on. Of course, you will know your “weak” spots and will tune your self-talk accordingly.

After repeating this routine for at least a month, it will become your habit and it will be improved greatly. Just like you.