How Home Decor Can Impact Your Mood and Psychology

Home decor and interior can have a real impact on your mood. It can also affect the psychology of your how your brain functions. Creativity elucidates drive and spits passion. Scientists for decades concluded that the right side of the brain is responsible for creativity and the art of imagination. In everything, science has an answer it seems because what other explanation is there, really. Therefore, if the right side of the brain is therefore responsible for imagination the left hemisphere leans heavily on the idea of logic. What’s logical, based on the memory of what was taught, learnt and experienced is logical. So therefore, it can be further concluded that a creative mind (the right brainer) is drawn heavily towards the perfection and imperfection in creativeness. When I think of creativity, I think of the impossibility of wrong, the strength of character, the liberty of life and the colors in a dull room. So, creativity is life.

Without the right hemisphere, In the logical mind of scientists where they used the left side of their brain, through my eyes; the ‘colors’ of life is impossible without the right hemisphere.  the stimulation of dopamine and serotonin is effective when my mind sees, hears or feels something. Browns and rustic makes me feel nature, whites and pastel colors make me feel purity, black gives me the essence of richness and class. The rush of blood to might right hemisphere appreciates the nothingness of the cut, shape and feel of the fabric which made the curtains. If you don’t close your eyes when you feel, you’re stifling the sense of feel with sight. It’s different. I’m sure if you’re a left brainer that would not have crossed your mind! Sometimes, the smallest things can make a difference. Something like adding an area rug or not, can have a real impact.

If something is out of place I know. If the colors don’t make sense I know because with all the color clashing, there must be a unified clash. It needs to make sense to me.  I can’t function on a daily if my turquoise pillows are my mood for this week, but my rich royal blue are in the wash. Let’s get it together brain! My optimism comes partially from the smell of my fake pink roses infused with my new favorite lavender essential oil. What an opposite combination but remember, imagination! And it works. There are no rules to using the right side of your brain, let the colors take over, the smile will eventually come.