Relieving Stress and Depression Through Personal Training

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One in every four people in Australia experiences a mental health problem. One in six Aussies suffers from anxiety or depression. The number of people with depression is on the rise, and physical activity has been proven to boost mental wellbeing. Personal trainers help individuals avoid stress and anxiety, and here’s how.


Fighting Depression

Regular exercise reduces depression. Activity alters body chemistry as it works as a natural antidepressant. Exercising has zero adverse side effects, and so it is suitable for any individual. There are numerous mental and physical benefits of exercising. Some activities like dancing and jogging may be tiring to an individual but very effective in alleviating depression. The importance of having a personal trainer is that they recommend activities which stimulate the production of neurotransmitters, helping a depressed person feel better. Neurotransmitters regulate emotions and help the body function optimally. Personal training also restores sleep balance besides alleviating depression. Exercising for 30 minutes daily will minimise depression by:

  • Treating sleeping disorders
  • Managing stress levels
  • Preventing anxiety disorders
  • Releasing neurotransmitters
  • Secreting endorphins
  • Combating social isolation
  • Relaxing muscles

Physical activity stimulates both the body and mind. This fights lack of self-confidence and feelings of sadness. Begin your exercise regimen with yoga or stretches then advance to heavy activities like bodybuilding or running. Aerobics and cardio also reduce stress levels.


Reducing Stress

Stress is the primary cause of depression. Some of the social risks that cause bouts of anxiety include:

  • Legal or financial issues
  • Childhood trauma like parent loss, divorce, abandonment and physical or sexual abuse
  • Redundancy or unemployment leading to social exclusion, lack of self-esteem, stigmatisation and worthlessness
  • Verbal, sexual or physical harassment
  • Conflicts at work or home

Psychotherapists have established that the factors mentioned above intensify one’s vulnerability to anxiety and depression. Personal┬átraining is a useful antidote to the above cases. And training with a personal trainer regularly at home or in the gym reduces stress levels. Without personal training, a person suffering from depression is likely to:

  • Take drugs like cannabis, alcohol and tobacco
  • Have anorexia, fatigue and eating disorders
  • Gain weight or become obese
  • Lose interest in hobbies and life

Exercising regularly releases dopamine (the pleasure hormone) and endorphins (the body activator) reducing anxiety and depression. Sign up for Gym To You – Adelaide programs to fast track your mental health.

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