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10 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

Mental health is your psychological well-being. It’s the way you feel about others and yourself. Plus, the ability to deal with everyday difficulties and manage your feelings. Maintaining mental health involves seeking professional treatment and support. But you also have to refine your emotional health. Taking such steps improves your life as you can boost your flexibility, mood and overall happiness.


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Tell yourself something positive

Positive thinking can have a powerful impact on how you feel. Therefore, use words and evoke thoughts that promote feelings of personal power and self-worth. For instance, instead of saying “I suck”, try “I am awesome”.

Write down something you’re grateful for

Gratitude is associated with great delight and mental health. To increase feelings of appreciation, write a gratitude list or keep a gratitude diary. Find something you appreciate, let it fill your mind and heart, and lounge with that feeling.

Focus on the present moment

Being mindful of past experiences – especially difficult or negative emotions – only weighs you down. Instead, bring awareness to routine activities, like eating lunch, walking home, or taking a shower. Paying attention to the smells, tastes, sounds, smells and sensations of these experiences enables you to focus.

Exercise, work out, train

Whatever you call it, just do it. The body releases mood-boosting and stress-relieving hormones before and after you exercise. As working out is a powerful antidote to depression, anxiety and stress, you need to add activity to your day. For instance, you can go for a short walk or take the stairs rather than the elevator.

Visit a naturopathy clinic

Naturopathy has many benefits. One of them is a better cognitive function. Through massage therapy or therapeutic massage, naturopaths can relax your mind and stimulate your senses. This, in turn, improves memory. See an Adelaide naturopath consultant or like naturopath Adelaide on Facebook.

Eat a good meal

Your diet nourishes your entire body including your brain. Proteins keep you alert. Carbohydrates calm your mood. Omega-3 fatty acids improve memory and mood. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with nutrients that nourish your brain cells.

Talk to someone

Sometimes, if you can’t solve problems on your own, open up to a friend or family member. Knowing that other people value you is important. It builds trust, helps you think positively and improves your emotional well-being.

Do something for someone else

Being helpful to others changes the way you feel about yourself. When you are kind and helpful – and what you do is appreciated – you can build self-esteem. Basically, by helping others, you extend and enrich your life.

Take a break

In those moments, when you are stressed and overworked, step away and relax until you feel well and energetic. A simple breathing exercise can do wonders. In a quiet environment, close your eyes and breathe in-and-out ten times. Count to 4 as you inhale, hold breathe and exhale.

Go to bed early

Sleep deprivation has a negative effect on your energy and mood. Try to rest on time every day, and practice good habits, like skipping coffee and turning your phone off, to get better sleep.

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